PRO Makeup Brushes by Tann Beauty – Are They Worth The Price?


Tann Magnificence This Is All I Really want Eyeshadow Range is my most utilized range till now. I’ve been prescribing that range to every one of my loved ones and, surprisingly, the cosmetics craftsmen during my cousin’s wedding. So when these Tann Magnificence Brushes sent off, I realized they would be of awesome quality. The brand sent these 5 bits of expert cosmetics brush set for survey back in mid-June. I’ve been attempting these out and furthermore washed them so you will get the general survey about the nature of the brushes and whether you want to put resources into them.

About The Brushes

A bunch of whole, hand gathered, and delicate brushes for proficient cosmetics craftsmen and cosmetics sweethearts who wish to accomplish proficient completion cosmetics at home.

Why it’s special: 

Hand-collected with the gentlest manufactured miniature tips fiber that emulates the vibe of regular hair.
Instinctively applies creams, fluids, and powders bending itself according to the construction of the face for botch resistant application
Murmur delicate hair skim on the skin to guarantee a delicate touch as it were
It permits the skin to remain in its regular shape by not pulling or pulling the skin, which is the reason Shruti energetically suggests it for dry, delicate, skin break out, slick and mature skin.
Brushes that move effectively guaranteeing to watch out for the past layer of cosmetics bringing about a smooth and channel like completion
Murmur delicate brush hair gives the most agreeable use of cosmetics, guaranteeing a relieving and quieting sensation while the course of cosmetics is occurring
Each and every brush capabilities in more than 9 unique ways
Each brush is cautiously hand collected by ace brush creators in Italy


These Tann Magnificence brushes come in smooth dark bundling with a plastic external cover. The brand name and the brush number is imprinted on the handle of the brush. This expert cosmetics brush set has a moderate look that feels very luxury and strong.

The body is molded so that holding the brush is simple. The fibers are exceptionally delicate. They are made of engineered miniature tips fiber that nearly feels like normal hair.


Taking into account the value, I expected a cross section bristle cover for brushes 1, 2, 3, and 4, so that it’s shielded from dust, however it didn’t have any. Generally speaking, I like the bundling a great deal, it’s not excessively weighty nor excessively light. It’s ideal.

PRO Finish Set – 5 Professional Makeup Brush Set

Brush 1 – Master Blender 

This multi-tasker brush works like a fantasy for all cream, fluid, and powder items. This is the sort of brush that ingests almost no item and gives you the most faultless completion. It helps in no wastage of item. The fibers are extremely delicate, so it doesn’t jab your skin and you want to apply the lightest strain for mixing or polishing your establishment, powder, or fluid blushes.

I’ve utilized this brush to apply my Kay Magnificence Hydrating Establishment, and I really wanted just 2 siphons for my whole face. It gave sans streak, preferable inclusion over different brushes and wipes.

Brush 2 – Tulip Powder

This Brush 2 – Tulip Powder has the mildest, fluffiest fibers. It tends to be utilized in setting your powder, feature, shape, and applying become flushed, or bronzer. The shape is wonderful to such an extent that it very well may be utilized in any side of your face. It takes the littlest sum so on the off chance that you fear over-applying any blush or shape, it will be your rescuer. It helps in giving a digitally embellished look.

The shape is wonderful to mix along the bends of our face. Assuming you like a dewy cosmetics look and believe a brush should set your T-zone without removing all the sparkle, this is the sort of brush you really want to put resources into.

Brush 3 – Detailer Pro

The Detailer Genius brush is intended for the exact use of the item to the objective region. The shape is planned so that it covers more modest region of the face like the inward corner of the eyes, the side of the nose and lips, the hairline, the bends of the ears, and behind the ears. I like to involve it for exact molding, setting powder around the sides of my nose and on my grin lines. I feel like this brush will be more valuable for an expert cosmetics craftsman as opposed to a novice or for regular reason.

Brush 4 – Swipe & Go Blender

This Swipe and Go Blender brush has become one of my fav brushes. It’s cushy and mixes any eyeshadow and gives a gentler look. You can utilize it to form your nose, set your under-eye concealer, or the sides of your nose. I’ve been utilizing it to mix the eyeshadow edges and for an ombre lip look. It’s one of the most mind-blowing eyeshadow mixing brushes I’ve at any point utilized!!

Brush 5 – Sharp Detailer

The Sharp Detailer brush has sharp edges that can be utilized for lip lining, tight covering on eyes, and saucy eyeliner. Up to this point I’ve involved it for cutting my temples and smirching my gel liner. Frankly, I don’t connect a lot to this brush as I don’t have the need of utilizing it consistently yet it tends to be a decent expansion to your pack on the off chance that you are proficient..

Can You Wash Them?

Indeed, you can. The brand referenced washing just when important, with gentle saturating cleanser or child cleanser. I’ve utilized child cleanser to wash them. Truly, it’s the simplest to clean, particularly the brush 1. Normally my level top establishment brushes are an aggravation to wash yet these brushes are so natural to clean. I utilize my Sigma Spa Brush Purifying Mat and all I needed to do was whirl the brush on it to eliminate any establishment and concealer buildup. It required 12-16 hours to get completely dry.

My Final Verdict

Generally, I feel like it’s one of the most outstanding cosmetics brushes in India. The quality is so great, absolutely worth the cost. In the event that you are a fledgling or looking for a decent quality cosmetics brush set, I’d say get the brushes 1, 2, 4 and you’ll be all set. However, on the off chance that you are an expert cosmetics craftsman, get this entire set.




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