Organic Hair Color Vs Chemical Hair Color: All You Need to Know


With the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, at once we all are curious about giving a try to new hair color and new hair look. Whether going for genuine blonde, concealing silver strays, or experimenting with fun colors, dyeing your hair can be an exciting yet transformative pleasure. Typically, different types of chemicals are used to get your hair tinted in the color you desire. Though, organic dyes like henna powder and indigo powder have been used for centuries to naturally dye hair in black hair colour, concealing greys, and improving the hair texture. However, the process of dyeing hair is complex. This article will give you a glimpse of the difference between organic and chemical hair dyes, i.e., organic hair color vs chemical hair color. Here, is what you need to know about organic hair dye and synthetic hair dye:


Chemical or Synthetic Hair Dye

Chemical hair colors are one of the most popular and common hair colors found on the market (offline and online marketplace). Chemical hair dyes are mostly used in proficient salons and are easily available. Chemical or synthetic hair dyes, as the name suggests are loaded with plenty of chemicals and synthetic components that allow the dye to stick to the hair permanently and for a long time. Though, to attain a better and permanent color pay-off, synthetic hair dyes use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both hair and scalp, while some of these can constitute cancer-causing ingredients.

The chemicals contained in these hair dyes are so toxic and harmful that they cause allergies and might damage the scalp. Pregnant women are more potent to chemical-loaded hair dyes.

How chemical hair color works?

Ammonia and parabens are the chemical components or ingredients that are usually used in making chemical hair dyes. The chemical present in these hair color strips out the natural color of your hair and deposit a new hair shade on your hair by a chemical reaction. Synthetic hair dyes have the propensity of retaining hair color for four to five weeks. However, these chemicals damage the hair cuticles and rip out the natural oils and moisture from the hair and scalp.

Natural or Organic Hair Dye

Natural and organic hair dyes are derived from plant-based components and are safer alternatives to chemical hair dyes. These hair dyes are 100% natural or have bare minimum chemical composition than chemical hair colors. Organic hair dye is a non-toxic and eco-friendly hair color that along with dyeing your hair gives an overall treatment and nourishment. These hair dyes are packed with the goodness of herbal; and Ayurvedic properties which are beneficial for hair and scalp and yield no harmful side effects.

Henna and Indigo are the most popular and commonly used natural and organic hair dyes which is used for centuries to achieve natural black hair colour or dye hair organically. They are safer and viable substitutes for synthetic hair colors and are formulated to yield herbal benefits to hair and scalp. A variety of herbal hair colors and henna-based hair colors are available on the market which is 100% natural or have fewer chemicals as compared to chemical hair dyes.

How organic hair dye works?

Organic hair dyes like henna, when applied to the hair layers the hair shaft and slowly penetrates the shaft via gaps in hair cuticles. The henna binds the hair with keratin and makes the cuticles stronger. The best thing is that apart from yielding natural black hair colour, it improves the texture of your hair and boosts hair growth. Moreover, they defend against UV rays and pollution, making your hair shiny, glossy, and healthy. Natural hair colors do not give an intense color on one application, and it fades away naturally. Though, the repeated application of natural hair dyes will deepen and intensify the color. They do not cause any harsh aftereffects and damage to the hair as chemical hair dyes do.


With the increasing awareness of the effects of chemical hair dyes and the benefits of organic hair dyes, people have been inclined to use natural and safer alternatives to hair colors. Chemical hair dyes no doubt yield good and rich color retention but come at the cost of damaging hair and scalp. Unlike, chemical hair colors, natural and organic hair dyes are safer and the least toxic replacements that give 360-degree care and healthy treatment to your hair. They deliver a natural-looking hair hue that is unique to each person depending on their natural hair color and texture. Natural hair dyes prevent the hair and scalp from aging and maintain the overall health of the hair with no damage and harsh treatment.

This information will help you decide the best hair dye choice for you and will guide you to opt for the safer and least harmful alternatives like Kirpal Export Overseas’s henna-based hair colors and natural hair dyes which are ideal hair dyes with no harmful outcomes. KEO is India’s leading hair color brand which deals in manufacturing and exporting beautiful shades of natural hair colors.


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