Matte Makeup Isn’t Dead—Here’s How to Master The Classic Look for Fall


Summer has come and gone, leaving hot weather sheen and popsicle-colored balms in its wake. However, a fresh crop of products has arrived for fall, ushering in matte textures in soft, flattering, and wearable finishes. “Once fall sets in, I prefer natural matte formulas on skin and lips for a more sophisticated look that pairs well with cashmere sweaters and denim,” says Robin Black, celebrity makeup artist and global creative director of Ideation Beauty. Black lists a statement-colored powdery lip and velvety skin as simple ways to try matte makeup this season.

If you’re debating ditching the dew-enhancing products and trading in your summer-time shimmers for something different, we rounded up our tips for making matte makeup part of your routine.


Robin Dark is a VIP cosmetics craftsman and the worldwide innovative head of Ideation Magnificence. She goes by Magnificence is Exhausting on Instagram where she shares shocking pictures of her work.

How to Wear Matte Makeup 

Matte makeup can be intimidating because it takes a little more effort than simply dabbing on dewy cream and highlighter. “To achieve a matte foundation and skin look, you should start with mattifying skincare,” says Black (her favorite is the new Saint Jane Luxury Pore Smoothing SPF 30 ($38), which gives a natural-matte effect).

Ideally, a matte primer will blur pores and moisturize while imparting a soft finish that will set the stage for a complimentary foundation. In terms of building the look, Black says there is no hard and fast rule, meaning you can keep everything uniform or experiment with different textures. “For a more classic look, pair matte with matte,” she says. “Or get creative and mix mattes with satin or glossy finishes.”

Who Can Wear Matte Makeup


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