How to Apply Powder Foundation Like a Pro MUA (According to a Pro MUA)


While looking for the right groundwork equation — be it powder, cream, or fluid — there are a couple of interesting points prior to making your buy. While fluid establishments have ruled the racks for a really long time, there is such a great amount to cherish and find out about powder establishments, especially for those with sp

ecific skin types or favored wraps up.

Ahead, we make sense of all that you want to be aware of powder establishment — from its advantages to application methods — and get a few master tips from genius cosmetics craftsman Carolina Dalí. It’s conceivable you could turn into a powder establishment convert in the wake of perusing.


Carolina Dalí is a superstar cosmetics craftsman. Her clients incorporate Tracker Schafer, Constance Wu, and Natalia Dyer.

What Is Powder Foundation?

Powder establishment is precisely exact thing it seems like: An establishment that is accessible in a powder versus a fluid recipe. Powder establishments come in compacts as well as in free powder structure and ordinarily have a matte completion. They will generally offer light to medium inclusion, and the powder is finely processed to apply as flawlessly as could really be expected.

On the off chance that you’re worried that a powder definition will not give as much shade as fluid, don’t be — powder establishments are profoundly pigmented and can offer the same amount of inclusion and variety as fluid equations. Powder establishments likewise come in cream-to-powder recipes, what start as a light cream surface and dry totally matte once mixed on the skin.

How Does Powder Foundation Compare to Liquid Foundation?

Seeing as there are positive contrasts among fluid and powder recipes in establishments, it’s great to know how they contrast with one another so you can pursue a choice on which you’ll need to wear.

While most fluid establishments are buildable and offer full inclusion, powder establishments normally will generally offer less inclusion than their fluid partners, making them ideal for those searching for a characteristic completion that doesn’t look (or feel) weighty.

It’s critical to take a gander at the elements of your establishments so you can find out about the thing you’re working with. For instance, a fluid establishment will commonly be water-, oil-, or silicone-based, while powder establishments contain minerals and powder. Powder establishment can give sheer inclusion, assist with cutting sparkle for slick skin, and is not difficult to welcome in a hurry for final details. Fluid establishments can offer more full inclusion and a more brilliant, dewy completion (albeit numerous fluid recipes offer matte inclusion) and come in different equations from sheer, light colors to more full inclusion choices.

Who Should Use Powder Foundation?

While choosing if powder establishment is the best equation for you, the primary thing you’ll need to think about is your skin type. “Powder establishment is great for sleek to blend skin types,” Dalí notes, as powder assists with controlling sparkle and gives a matte completion. Powder establishment is likewise great for any individual who needs to wear matte cosmetics however wants a light completion that feels breathable on the skin. Assuming you are skin inflammation inclined or have touchy skin, powder establishment is likewise an extraordinary decision as it comes in numerous non-comedogenic recipes that won’t stop up your pores.

How to Apply Powder Foundation

Application strategies can have a significant effect while applying powder establishment. Peruse on for best practices and tips to guarantee the interaction is really simple.

  1. With a Wipe
    Assuming you need your powder establishment to endure over the course of the day, Dalí demands that you should begin with hydrated skin. “Make certain to appropriately saturate your skin first,” she says. “Powder-based items stick best to skin that is hydrated.”
  2. Once your cream has settled, you can utilize a level wipe to press and fold the powder establishment into regions like around the nose and mouth.
  3. Continuing on toward the remainder of your face, gently press the wipe into the skin and roll it with your fingers to guarantee an even utilization of powder.

With a Brush

Dalí suggests concealer before powder for those hoping to conceal explicit regions. “On saturated skin, apply concealer and mix it well on imperfections and veins,” she exhorts.
“For a characteristic and consistent completion, apply the powder establishment utilizing a medium-sized powder brush, mixing and focusing on the areas that need inclusion,” Dalí says. She suggests Westman Atelier’s Powder Brush ($85) in light of the fact that it permits you to mix powder effectively on the face and gets into the harder-to-arrive at regions.
On the off chance that you lean toward more full inclusion while wearing powder establishment, Dalí suggests delicately clouding your powder brush. (Accentuation on the delicately — you would rather not get your powder establishment excessively wet.) “On the off chance that you favor full inclusion: saturate, hide, gently splash the brush with a hydrating fog, plunge it in the powder establishment, and apply until you have the ideal inclusion,” she says. “Whenever you’ve accomplished your ideal inclusion, give your skin a couple of moments to heat up the coloring and see the end-product.”

The Final Takeaway

Powder establishment can be worn alone as your primary cosmetics or utilized related to fluid establishment to add additional inclusion and mattify the skin. There are numerous recipes reasonable for skin inflammation inclined, delicate, and slick skin types that are not difficult to apply and leave a delicate, wonderful glossy silk finish. Incredibly flexible and simple to apply, there are many advantages to integrating powder establishment into your excellence schedule.


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