Healthy Nutrition for Travel


We are preparing to go through Scotland and Ireland for 2.5 weeks! I’ve been getting many inquiries regarding how I plan out the nourishment for these sorts of large undertakings so I thought I’d post a response since there’s no great explanation wandering away from home ought to crash sustenance endeavors. It’s perplexing to me why travel is limited as a chance to eat well; many appear to choose rout before they’ve even left. “It’s exactly the way that voyaging is! There’s nothing beneficial to eat!” I hear them say, as they surrender. Certainly, it takes a little preparation, however I guarantee it is feasible to feel quite a bit better (the principal advantage of eating great) and excursion appropriately. Here are a few different ways I like to adhere to an entire, or negligibly handled, plant-based diet when away from home.

Road Trips

For me, driving is all about easy options – poppable, snacky foods that are light. Driving as an activity isn’t physically intensive so I veer away from the higher density / calorie options like bars, chips, or fast food (that energy isn’t being put to good use when I’m sitting for 7 hours).

1.Pack a cooler

What to put in the cooler: Popcorn, Dry Roasted Almonds, Shelled Pistachios, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Triscuits, Cherries, Blueberries, or even Cheerios (they are fun to eat and most gas stations have a single serve bowl). If I am a passenger, I’ll have hummus or guacamole to dip crackers in, but I forgo the dips when driving (safety first, after all!). Spindrift or a water bottle are my beverages of choice. And the cooler can hold a more substantial meal for when you can stop and eat properly (I usually pack a salad with protein or a wrap).

2. Plot your Route

Plot your stops to align with grocery stores if you didn’t pack a lunch. A store with a hot bar is ideal (which is why Whole Foods usually wins out, plus their bathrooms are pretty clean and they have water fountains for a refill). Even if a store doesn’t have a hot bar, they usually have pre-made salads, wraps, or you could even snag a frozen meal to heat up if they offer a microwave. You can consider grocery stores your version of fast-food any time (no travel plans required). At times, I may also use the store to buy the final touches for a meal I packed at home. For example, picking up some tofu to add to a salad I brought.


Air terminals are a humdinger since they are so unique. The Atlanta air terminal has an astounding determination, as does Detroit’s, and I’m certain numerous others I haven’t experienced at this point. Yet, many are very restricted to a couple of quick choices and a little comfort stand. Fortunately, we can go through air terminals with food (indeed, through security!) and perhaps give ourselves a little effortlessness in the event that we should depend on the choices they have.

Healthy Foods that Pass Through TSA /Security

  • Dry Oat (attempt to go normal here with lower sugar)
  • Dried Natural product (hold back nothing sugar or oil)
  • Cooked Veggies (no fluid leftover) – a cool potato green bean salad may be great!
  • Crude/New Veggies – these are alright locally however numerous limitations exist in view of beginning and objective.
  • Wafers (I love Triscuits! however, anything works. Keep the fixings straightforward)

Hummus, Nut

  • Margarine, Salsa, Bean Plunge or Guacamole are alright if in 3.4 oz holders or more modest (look at the 1 oz cups at the supermarket)
  • Nuts and Seeds (in spite of the fact that I don’t suggest bringing these on the plane since certain sensitivities are Exceptionally serious and handily set off by coursing air).
  • Bars (a portion of my favorite are Trail Chunks or Larabars however there’s heaps of good choices)
  • Sandwich (yes! Make a veggie hummus or guacamole sandwich or wrap)
  • Cereal Cups – there are a great deal of movement oats cups. Essentially add water.

In Flight Meals

If your flight is long enough to offer a meal, you can request a vegan or vegetarian meal, a bland meal, a gluten free meal, a low salt meal, even an entire meal made from fruit! There is something for everyone, seriously. Go to your flight reservation and hit the Specialty or Meal request. It should provide a meal option if your flight serves one. I recommend a vegan option or Asian vegetarian (spicy version).


I like to adhere to an everyday practice except am adaptable with feasts with regards to voyaging – partaking in the food is one of my number one sections! I likewise completely comply with the standard of “do the thing in the spot” meaning, assuming a fixing is standard, you ought to attempt it! Presently, after quite a while without meat or dairy in my life, I’m probably not going to attempt in excess of a chomp of both of those things (they truly meddle with my processing) however it could mean more recurrence with practical fish. In any case, I view this as non-issue in many spots as plant-based slims down are a center part of most conventional eating regimens and meat/dairy choices are handily tracked down in the US and Europe (obviously there are more puts to visit yet in light of my restricted insight… )

To create a routine, I pick up a breakfast to prepare at my accommodations

I also search for the nearest grocery stores in relation to our lodgings and then research about the store to assess their options. If there is a language barrier, I suggest writing out and converting your list into the local language. Many web pages will also translate into English.

along with snacks and some light lunch options which leaves dinners open. Of course, planning for a few dinners can work, too, but is limited unless you are in an Airbnb or extended stay hotel. The ability to cook and store food is why I almost exclusively book in Airbnb or VRBOs – it’s important to me!

I prescribe rehearsing a couple of expressions to communicate your dietary objectives for eating out. While I don’t buy into veganism, I’ve tracked down the expression “I’m veggie lover” to be the most immediate choice. It’s likewise useful to look at the menu online early on to distinguish strong choices. It is uncommon to find a spot that has nothing without meat or dairy except for it’s worked out (like perhaps two times in the beyond 7 years).

I will be posting about our amazing meals and some of these tips in action through Scotland and Ireland on my instagram come check me out! I also welcome any suggestions for plant-based meals in either place!




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