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Welcome to, your link to the best beauty products and beauty supplies. Ever hated the people who don’t wear makeup but still look gorgeous? Well, they are wearing makeup—they’re just using the right beauty products in the right way, so it looks natural. Here’s fake the “no make up look” (and the best beauty products and beauty supplies to pull it off!)

How to fake the “no makeup look” (and how to make it!)

Ironically, the goal of all beauty products is to look like you’re not using any beauty products at all—to convince the world that you were born gorgeous. It has to look effortless. Like you’re far too hip a girl with too happenin’ a life to fuss in front of the mirror. Like it didn’t take you more than an hour and about 20 different beauty supplies to create your, er, natural beauty.

Fake it
The secret to the no makeup look is in the foundation: the perfect, flawless base. You’ll need a whole lot of beauty products and beauty supplies to pull this off—and they should be of good quality, too. All makeup professionals say that the last beauty products you should ever scrimp on are concealer and foundation.  The really awful ones cake or melt ten minutes after you step into the sun, completely negating all the effort you took into blending and highlighting. If you want to look gorgeous, then invest in the right beauty products. There’s just no way around it.

That being said, the first step to the natural look is cover-up. Apply concealer by patting (not smearing!) it in with a finger, or using a special brush to blend it in.
Use a lighter shade than your skin for discolorations like dark circles under the eye, and the same or darker shade for blemishes. Then, apply powder foundation one shade lighter than your skin on your t-zone–forehead, peak of the nose—under the eyes, and chin. Then take powder foundation one shade darker than your skin and apply on the temples, near the hairline, under the cheeks and jaw, and sides of the nose. Blend well.

What’s with all the different kinds of beauty products? Lighter foundation highlights, darker foundation contours. Using two shades of concealer balances the discoloration. Here’s another trick: yellow powder negates blue undertones (like those in dark circles under the eyes). Just a wee bit,  applied with a fluffy brush over your concealer,  works wonders.

Brushes are also important beauty supplies; frankly, the ones that come free with the beauty products are pretty useless. Invest in your own set. You’ll need a wide, fan-like brush for foundation and blush, a smaller one for eyeshadow, and one with thin stiff bristles for concealer. Don’t worry about the cost; these beauty supplies last years and make a real difference in application.

Of course this immediately gets much, much simpler if you have nice skin to begin with. Put it this way: you need two shades of foundation, too shades of concealer, and special colored powders to achieve what daily use of moisturizer and regular exfoliation could’ve given instantly. Beauty products and beauty supplies save you time, girl, and if you’re feeling guilty about heading for the beauty salon for a deep-cleansing beauty treatment tell yourself it’s still cheaper than plastic surgery!  Those fine lines that took you five minutes to hide are the price you pay for forgetting to put night cream when you thought you were too young to need it. Well of course you think you’re too young (everyone does) but you don’t want too wait till you’re too old to do anything about it.

Make it
The task of achieving natural beauty begins not at the bathroom mirror, but at the bathroom sink. Wash your face with beauty products that clean without drying the skin. Soaps are a big no-no; instead, use a non-alcohol cleanser. Don’t scrub in the beauty products, and don’t run them off wit a towel—that’s your face, not the floor. Gently pat dry with a towel. Apply moisturizer (yes, even if you have oily skin—just find specially formulated beauty products). The best kinds have SPF and enriching ingredients like Vitamin C, which help promote growth of healthy skin cells. Do this again before you go to sleep (never go to bed with your makeup on!) and supplement with weekly beauty treatments or deep-action beauty products like masks or exfoliating scrubs.

Natural beauty requires investing in the best beauty products and beauty supplies, or making time for weekly beauty treatments. Take the time now or be prepared for a 40 minute makeup routine 10 years down the road.


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