Acne Squad: Your Expert Ally in The Battle Against Acne


Strolling through the walkways of a dispensary, in the midst of a gazillion items coating the racks that vowed to ease skin break out left me dumbfounded at 15. Indeed, even following two years of wrestling with the worry in question, there appeared to be dark escape clauses in my finding out about the subject. The outcome was — losing all sense of direction in an ocean of mark perusing, rarely picking the right item for relevant skin issues and, you got it right, more skin inflammation.

My more youthful self would portray it as a go on forever circle of misery — trying different things with a variety of items, the crashing disillusionment that followed and, indeed, the inescapable cost it took on the entirety of my prosperity. Furthermore, when skin break out turns into your long lasting adversary (talking for a fact) you figure out how to wipe the slate clean with everything — casual feedback from the very garrulous ‘parlor wala didis’, unconsciously welcoming quick looks at the zits all over and the boat heap of item suggestions.

Today, whenever I browse through the pictures from that era, the outbreak of zits and the evident discomfort still irks me. I remember the sense of resignation looming over me, stemming from not feeling in control of my skin. Sure, as a woman of 27, I have embraced my skin trajectory and the faint scarring (the acne aftermath) on my face, but would I rather have smooth, bump-free skin? Cent Percent. So, during a recent editorial jam when I learnt that HUL is launching a new brand called the , I knew I had to get my hands on these offerings. This line of products consolidates the treatment of acne in four steps — squashing misinformation around the problem, empowering people like me to take charge of their skin, breaking down the science behind acne and giving you an array of superhero formulations that will help you conquer one zit at a time. I was intrigued by the unique brand mission and the gorgeous tubes and bottles that the formulation sat inside, definitely caught my eye. Ahead, my honest review about these products and why you should give them a shot.

An Order To The Chaos

One of the most daunting aspects of grappling with acne has to be, sifting through a ton of videos and text to find its cause and treatment. Tunnelling through the chaos of surplus information becomes super tedious. This is why I was delighted to see the meticulous approach that Acne has adopted. To nip the concern in the bud, they have demystified acne and broken down its lifespan into four stages: acne-prone, clogged pores, breakouts and post-breakout. In a battle against acne, knowing the nemesis inside-out is bound to give you an upper hand which is what Acne Squad does – your expert ally in the pursuit (I stan).

Choose Your Player

After helping you successfully identify the stage, the gets down to business. Backed by a patented technology, these expert-approved and non-comedogenic products are not here to just play, they are here to win. I am prone to episodes of acne, just out-of-the-blue and was also eager to try their post- acne formulations to see if it helps wane my scars, blemishes. After trying a couple of concoctions across the four ranges, here’s what I think

Stage 1. Acne Prone- Keeping The Bully At Bay

If you have no visible signs of breakouts, but your skin tends to get oily and bumpy, you might be prone to acne. Yes, not entirely in the clear with the bully lurking, measures ought to be taken to throw the impending bouts of acne off track. The Super Shield Serum With 10% Niacinamide helps you double down on your defence game by curbing the excess sebum and also keeps your skin hydrated. The formula boasts vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that helps fight off external aggressors like UV rays, pollution and the sun. Team it up with the Multi-Tasker, another elite product compatible with all skin types. Imbued with Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree extract) known for its antibacterial prowess that prevents acne.

Stage 2. Nip In In The Bud: Clogged Pores

Clogged pores may seem harmless at first glance but can transfigure into full-blown acne at any second. As someone who gets active zits, I struggle with pesky whiteheads and summon the following squad to help nip it in the bud. I start my regimen with the Kick-Start Cleanser With Salicylic Acid & Thymol T Essence and thoroughly cleanse my face. This formulation is a new favourite — it lathers well and makes my face feel squeaky clean by extracting the grime from the pores. Moreover, the Thymol T essence kills up to 99.9% of acne-causing bacteria. In the bid to stay vigilant, I topped this off with the Break-Out Blocker Serum, which administers sebum control. Starring Salicylic Acid (2%) as Squad commander and flanked by Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid- trust this miraculous brew to preemptively do away with acne. Take my word, it is truly revolutionary.

Stage 3: Game Face, On: Breakout

In case of a dreaded zit emergency, where painful bouts of acne have set havoc on your skin, Acne Squad summons the below Squad leaders for the rescue mission. As recommended by the carefully crafted regimen, I tried the Wonder Toner With 4% PHA, after a thorough cleanse. It gently, yet proficiently removed the layer of dead skin on the dermis- revealing a clearer and cleaner complexion. Furthermore, to tackle acne head-on, I chose the Breakout Terminator Toner and I will be recommending this miracle potion to all my near ones. It is so efficient at not only reducing acne but also helps the waning of notorious red patches( thanks to the allantoin present) that had taken over my skin. Featuring tiger grass, which has incredible healing and soothing properties, further helps purify the skin. This product is a revelation — with only a week of dabbing it on the affected areas, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin.

Stage 4: The Aftermath: Post Breakout

The war on acne has halted. With the nemesis receding for now, the scars are a bitter reminder of what went down. This is the range of offerings I was eagerly waiting to try. I have been using the Super Saviour Seru for nearly two weeks, on blemishes that mark my face. And, I am happy to concur that this squad member has helped alleviate the scarring. It boasts retinol that helps build inroads to superior quality skin and expedites cell turnover. This bodes particularly well for me, as I have been looking to start my anti-ageing regimen. You may also team this up with the Super Saviour Spot Corrector Cream, or incorporate into your already- in-place regimen.




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